Knife Exchange Program

Perfect for Restaurants and Professional Kitchens

Professionally sharpened, well-maintained knives are important for both productivity and safety.

  • Sharp knives delivered to your business as often as needed.
  • Two identical sets of knives rotated only for your business.
  • Customized and updated as often as you need.
  • Best value compared to buying and maintaining your own knives.
Knife Exchange

Knife Exchange works for:

  • Restaurants
  • Butcher Shops
  • Pizzerias
  • Country Clubs
  • Delis & coffee shops
  • Caterers
  • Corporate Food Service
  • Chain Restaurants
  • School Cafeterias
  • Bagel Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Bakeries
  • Fish Markets
  • Meat Processing

If you're in food preparation, we have a sharpening solution for your business.

Customized for Clients

We work with clients individually to determine exactly which knives you need and how often you want them delivered.

You can update the pieces in your set at any time. Get rid of knives you no longer use or add new ones only when you need them. You even get to decide if you prefer newer blades to knives already broken in.

We can customize your exchange service in the following areas:

  • Amount of Knives
  • Styles
  • Sizes
  • Uses
  • Budget
  • Color coding
  • Frequency
  • Kosher

Professional Quality Cutlery & Grinding

Master Grinding developed the KnifePro® brand of cutlery specifically for the high-volume use of professional kitchens. We offer virtually any style or size knife you may need.

If you're used to factory and self-sharpened edges, a Master Grinding edge will make you wonder how you ever worked without us. Our multi-step process involves a signature hollow-ground/Taper technique that works "behind the edge". Once the grinding's done we further refine the blade with a double honing process.

Our equipment and decades of skill mean your knives will stay sharp, cut after cut and week after week. We even sharpen your knives to make using a steel between sharpenings easier and more effective.

More about our Sharpening Techniques

Clean Enough to Eat With

We wash and sterilize each sharpened knife. Running each blade through our washer and sterilizer ensures your knives are returned to you clean enough to begin using immediately. Any remaining grit or microscopic metal filings are removed in this process.

Best for Safety, Productivity and the Bottom Line

We all know a dull knife is a dangerous knife. We make sure your business always has the sharpest, professional-quality knives available. Plus, knife sharpening can be treacherous for unskilled or hurried employees as well as creating un-necessary down time.

Providing the right tools for your employees keeps them happy, motivated and productive. Using our Knife Exchange means valuable time is spent on your food rather than sharpening knives. Sharp knives cuts down on food waste and provides for an overall better presentation of the food prepared. All of this adds to your bottom line!