History of the Art of Knife Sharpening

We're not exactly sure when the art of knife sharpening began. We assume it was a few weeks after the first knife was invented. Grog noticed his new tool wasn't cutting through the woolly mammoth's hide as easily as before and needed to do something. We guess he found a good stone and went to work.

It's been a bit refined since then.

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From the Old Country

Western style knife grinding or sharpening can be traced back to a northern region of Italy. Specifically, the areas surrounding Trento, Italy became the cradle of the knife grinding tradition. With the call of "L 'arrotino" people came to soon recognize the "moleta" was coming to town calling them to bring their knives out for sharpening.

Around the turn of the last century, immigrants from all over the world arrived at Ellis Island in search of the irresistible American Dream. The "Moleti" were no different, landing on American shores hoping to provide their "well honed" sharpening services to a new and growing American public. Although America was still a developing concept in those early days, the promise of great things was always in the hearts of these newly minted Americans.

To a New World

Our ancestors picked up and delivered their knives in horse drawn carts and sharpened with hand turned stones. While the vehicles and machines have changed over the years, the names have not and the service remains the same. Like our ancestors, we love our work and love this business. And, if you ever use a knife sharpened by Master Grinding, you'll love it too.

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