Sharpening Service

Knife Edges Better Than New

Even an expensive knife's factory edge won't give you a cut you'll truly love. We use a multi-step process that gives your knives an edge you won't know how you lived without. So, that's our warning; once you experience a Master Grinding edge you'll be spoiled for anything else.

Sharpening tools

We sharpen virtually any blade:

  • Kitchen Knives
  • Lawnmower blades
  • Scissors
  • Pocket Knives
  • Hunting Knives
  • Meat Grinder Knives and Plates
  • Slicing Machine Blades
  • Buffalo Chopper Blades
  • Food Processor Blades
  • Paper Cutter Blades

Stamped Blade Sharpening

Stamped blades are made by using a machine to cut a blade from a sheet of metal. A handle is then attached and a factory edge is applied. Our KnifePro brand of knives are manufactured in this way.

But, of course, we're not satisfied with a factory edge. All stamped blades are sharpened with Master Grinding's three-step signature technique. We're pretty protective of it, though we'll admit it involves a two-step hollow grinding process that adds "bevels" to the blade. Next the edges are double-honed and polished.

Forged Blade Sharpening

We do sharpen and hone forged blades by hand. While we use different stones and techniques for forged blades, the process is similar to stamped blades. We still grind an edge at set angles and progress to finer grit stones. It takes just a bit longer for a forged knife, but those of you that prefer forged knives know it's worth it.

Plus, we go beyond simple sharpening. Since all forged blade work is done by hand, we can re-shape and correct blades that have been poorly sharpened or burnt and damaged by electric sharpeners.

Serrated Blade Sharpening

There is a myth that serrated edges can not be sharpened. How untrue! We routinely sharpen serrated edges. In fact, we provide two services: re-sharpening and re-serration. Sometimes a serrated blade only needs to be re-sharpened since the serrations are well-defined. However, if the serrations have been worn down we can re-serrate blades too. So, whether you've got long, fully serrated slicing knives or just steak or hunting knives with partial serrations we can make you blade cut like new.

More Than Just Cutlery

At Master Grinding we sharpen virtually any blade used by the food industry. Machine knives, grinder plates, food processor blades and even scissors are regular items in our shop. Our experienced staff are well-skilled with the methods needed for any of these specialized machine blades. If you've assumed you had to buy new blades for your machines or scissors when they were dull, you can now stop. Not only can you have the same blades sharpened but you can stop putting up with dull blades in between buying new ones.